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People of Himachal Pradesh has a rich culture that is very visible in everyday life. Colorful clothes Himachalis hitting as soon as you through the state. However, the clothes, or even a substantial physical characteristics of people, is that they are welcoming and friendly atmosphere that pulls you toward them. Interacting with them can be very productive as you can get to know more about their religious and cultural life as it is. See the various forms of human art, metal, wood, leather and wool, and collect some of these elements as the memory of your visit. Rejoice in their folk dance and music, and also collect some notes and walk away from the artists. Himachal cuisine is not as rich as some other states, but the country is quiet a few dishes that you must try during your stay.



Art & Craft


art and craft

The people of Himachal Pradesh is working very hard and talented and this is reflected in their art and crafts. The know-how beautiful that comes out of this mode is really worth to enjoy. leather Carpets, shawls, paintings, metalwork, carpentry and painting are some of the kinds of jobs people here. The pashmina shawl is a very popular product of this state. Colourful Himachali caps are a work of art famous for the people. A Tribe Called Dom is the expert in manufacturing bamboo products, like boxes, sofas, chairs, baskets and baskets. clay pots and statuettes are also popular and is a good buy. Metals of the State includes tools, ritual vessels, idols, gold jewelry and silver.


Music and Dance



Music and dance of Himachal Pradesh is running a religion. Through dance and music, people fervently gods during festivals and special occasions. There are also dances that are specific to certain areas and the best way to manage people in this region. Some of the dance forms of Himachal are the Losar Shona Chuksam (Kinnaur), Dang (Chamba) Gee Burah dance and dance, (Sirmour), NAATI, Kharait, and Ujagjama Chadhgebrikar (Kullu) and shunt (Lahaul & Spiti). What kind of music in Himachal Pradesh is concerned, is not the classic form, although a lot of folk music to listen to. Folk tales of mountain areas is often an indication of the music. Ranging from romance, heroes and the seasons. Musical instruments are often used by artists in the quiet here Ranasinghe, Karna, Turhi, flute, ektara, Kindari, Jhanjh, Manjari, Chimta, and Ghariyal Ghunghru.