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Bilaspur ,Himachal Pradesh


Bilaspur is a district located in the State of Himachal Pradesh. Known as the city on a hill in India initially planned, the new township of Bilaspur is situated at an altitude of about 670 meters near Govind Sagar reservoir. This beautiful city is surrounded by green hills and beauty. The magic of your trip to Bilaspur be increased if you visit this place during the summer or early September to December. This is when experience Bilaspur ideal climate that is neither too hot, too cold or wet. The favorable climate and abundant tourist attractions have certainly helped to promote tourism in Bilaspur. You can visit this place just after the winter, ie in March-April. Meanwhile, cattle fair held annually Bilaspur which attracts many tourists and residents. A sofa set, highlighting the big party and fun activities are planned for this occasion.

Tourist Attraction

Baba Nahar Singh Temple

Baba Nahar Singh Baba Nahar Singh Temple Temple is located on Dholra governed by the Bilaspur district. Baba Nahar Singh is regarded as an incarnation of God and is also known as Baji, Peepal Wala Wala AMD Dalian.

Badola temple

Badola temple is located in the village of Bilaspur Badolato. This is an interesting story attached to this temple. It is said that one day a villager named Bhuri noticed that his cow had lost her milk in a specific location. Bajia, Peepal Wala Wala amd Dalian.

Deoli Fish Farm

Deoli fish farm, which belongs to Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh, which entered into force in 1962. It is divided into area 4.4 hectares and has 14 nursery ponds and 2 large brood stock tanks.

Mandir Jalapa Mai

Mandir Jalapa Mai is located in Sangirathi Village, on the road to Shimla-Bilaspur. It is located at a distance of about 14 km from Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh.