Himachal Pradesh

Fulaich Festival



Fair begins sacrifices of animals, and soon the whole village gather in a hilltop and look Beautiful Ladra flower . People in the service of food and rice wine, my dear departed on a pile of bricks. Believed to be dear friends who have died will be visiting a relative and to accept their offers. These are then distributed to the poor and the Harijans in the village. Later, the villagers to gather in the house is "Dhangaspa Garland family and all members of the family clan.On September 16 about 10 Rajputs in the village are high hills, picking flowers and remain there until 17 September. 18, returning to the city and celebrate with songs and dances under the deodar trees. The flowers are very fragrant and it spreads a perfume beautiful surroundings. You can reach the Upper Kinnaur is rich in wildflowers and September is the month the best month for flowering. On the morning of 20, "Deota" - "Narayan" (Local God) is decorated with pictures and images Deotas other problems (local deities). - Gold and silver are mounted on all sides of all persons under -. men, women and children are dressed very well and sing and dance and party Bhadra 23, -. the last day of the festival, the town has reduced God to the temple on the site of origin and a goat and lamb is sacrificed. sacrifices are made of wood nymphs and in many places.