Himachal Pradesh

Nako Lake



Nako lake surrounded by willows and polar. It is a small village on the shore of the lake - and the village overlooking the lake, half buried. There is water on the northern side four Buddhist temples with stucco images and murals. Near Nako is the footprint-like blaming the saint Padmasambhava. Freezes in winter and people enjoy skating on this lake is the pilgrim Buddhist lake.Nako target. Since the Lake Nako is so high, there are only a few species of fish in the lake. The fishermen come here with their fishing rods come mainly from their time in the beautiful scenery of the lake. You can see many species of birds and flying through the air is Nako Lake. The perfect place for nature lovers and ornithologists is Nako Nako lake and a monastery is a popular tourist destination in Himachal.