Himachal Pradesh

Pori Festival


The Festival of Pori Lahaul valley is spectacular and celebrated with great zest. On this holy day ordained a tradition of worshiping the Lord Trilokinath has been followed since ages. It is celebrated in the traditional way of Trilokinath temple. On this day the statue of the Lord is bathed with milk and yogurt, then around ten o'clock in the morning, a bunch of people who go into the temple drums and blowing conch shells and trumpets. A horse is also taken in the temple. A butter lamp is lit and it burns day and night. Devotees add butter to the lamp. In light of the lamp indicates the presence of God. Devotees add more butter to it as they come and accept the ritual Prasad remains shiny fabric with a deep respect. A procession with a horse and it is to believe that God is gone up on the horse's back and showers His blessings to the devotees.

After the end of the procession, the crowd as the horse goes to the local ruler's palace, where the horse is a great host. The horse at the finish bathing in fresh water and food is healthy. The king mounted his horse and visit the exhibition which is dotted with all the smaller shops. The king also distributed clothes and sweets among the people at times. Pori Festival in Himachal Pradesh is awaited. That day in every community to come together and celebrate the feast of Pori greatly. After the usual ritual of the Prasad is distributed to the faithful. The Prasad is considered very sacred among the people of Himachal Pradesh.