Himachal Pradesh

Rewalsar Lake




Rewalsar lake is situated at an altitude of 1360 meters in Mandi district and 24 kms from the town of Mandi. The lake was almost a square shape, with a coastline of 735 meters. Rewalsar lake is surrounded by dense vegetation and mountains. It is one of the most famous places sacred to Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs, as it is widely associated with the cult of the snake. People still believe that water flows underground to Rewalsar Nagalcala (located 10 km from Mandi). Almost all Hindus believe the lake was here because 'Lomas Rishi, who celebrated his penance, Lord Shiva. Lomas Rishi seven floating islands in return of Lord Shiva. Log ToursNorthIndia.com that all essential information on Rewalsar Lake in Himachal Pradesh.