Himachal Pradesh

Shivratri Fair



Fairs and festivals of Himachal Pradesh, India is a wonderful example of the culture and traditions of government by the people. In reality, there is so much talk about this list is pretty long. And one of the most important fairs and festivals of Himachal Pradesh is Shivratri Fair to be held in the picturesque Mandi. Held in February and March each year, Mandi Shivratri fair attracts visitors from all over. Festivities will last about a week and a multitude of colors are sure to amaze the viewer. During Shivratri Fair Himachal Pradesh, pleasantly decorated crowbars to carry out all the local deity of the city passenger Mandi. Accompanied by folk bands, and hordes of enthusiastic amateurs, crowbars stop Mash Rai Temple and then proceed to the Bhootnath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.