Himachal Pradesh

Sipi Fair



Shimla in Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful city in India is the ideal place to spend your holidays. This place is a climate that is very relaxing and very nice, especially in summer. This place is known for its beauty and its festivals. Festivals and Events in Shimla are very popular among tourists and locals. All festivals are held in this district Sipi Fair in Shimla is one. Sipi Fair in Shimla, the exhibition will see a large gathering of people. Sipi Fair in Shimla starts in May. This month is considered the best month of Shimla. It happens Mashobra, a village in this district. This festival is a huge riot of colors. The persons, local government officials and tourists to participate in the joy of the holiday. Like any other show, this is also the opportunity to meet other people. This is the time to join the local culture in India. Previously, Rana, and the house before the main guest of the festival.